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Rules of the race

 « Défi du Galibier » 7th edition

21,5 km cycling race 
Start from Monêtier les Bains at 10.30pm (Halte de Pré Chabert next to the Grands Bains) and arrival on summit of Galibier pass at 2 642 meters.

Le Lautaret Col Du Galibier

Conditions of registration

To register for the "Galibier challenge", cyclists must have a sport license whose practice requires a medical certificate. For unlicensed, have a medical certificate of less than one year. The registration fee is € 10. Possibility to register on place

Climb of Lautaret pass Le Lautaret Agence Zoom 1

Race pack on Saturday 17 August from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6.30pm, on sunday 18 August from 8am to 10.15am  at the Tourist Office in Monêtier les Bains (in the middle of the village)

Start at 10.30am from Les Grands Bains (hot baths) parking place in Monêtier (follow the road signs). A buffet will be available on arrival, on summit.

The organization has in its possession "civil liability" for the duration of the race. Competitors participate in the competition under their own responsibility in case of accident or subsequent failure due to their health..

Competitors can leave a bag of clothes into one of the minibus parked near the starting line. The bag will be brought to the top of the pass.

climb of Galibier pass Le Lautaret Agence Zoom

Rank & podiums
The top 5 men and top 5 women will be rewarded (trophies and awards) as well as the 3 first of different categories.


Cadettes & Cadets : 2004 & 2003
Juniors girls and boys : 2002 & 2001
Espoirs = 2000 - 1999 – 1998 – 1997
Seniors = 1996 to 1990
Masters 1 = 1989 to 1980
Masters 2 = 1979 to 1970
Master 3 = 1969 to 1960
Master 4 = 1959 to 1950
Master 5 = 1949 and less