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The race

Come and challenge the pass of Granon...on August, the 15th, 2019 Trophee Grimpeurs Runazur

It was in 1978 that was given by Louison Bobet the start of the first climb of the Col du Granon in Serre Chevalier. Each year, this cycling event takes place in summer and gather hundred of cyclists; The 42nd edition is scheduled for Thursday, August 15, 2019 and is open also to runners. For this 42nd edition, cyclists and runners on the same run. The Défi du Granon belongs to the Challenge RunAzur, Trophée des Grimpeurs.

Arrivee Au Col Du Granon. La Meije En Panorama La Montee Du Col Du Granon

In 1986, the Tour de France stage was on top of the passl, it helped to make this event very popular. The 12km race, with an elevation gain of 1063 meters, in a fantastic background, makes it a classic that everyone should have done once.

course du granon Dans Le Granon A

Col De Granon Défi Granon 2019

The challenge …The Alps !
The Granon, considered as the steepest pass in the Briançonnais sets at 2404 meter. It is one of the most difficult passes in Europe with an average 9,2 % ascent. The Granon challenge is also one of the oldest cycling races in the Hautes-Alpes.

Granon Course Pedestre Defi Du Granon 1

The granon road will be closed on 15th of August from 9.45am to 12.15pm for all vehicles.

Les Runners Dans Villar Laté Sur Le 40éme Défi Du Granon (Photo B) Les Cyclistes Dans Villar Laté Sur Le 40éme Défi Du Granon (Photo A)